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A place called Home

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The album "A place called home" that includes 11 songs has been recorded with the collaboration of the producer Missincat and was released on the 12th of May 2023.


Through her indie, pop and electro compositions, Coco Aikura delivers an uncompromising portrayal of society with, so to speak, a raw frankness wrapped in the sweetness of her voice and character.

On stage, Coco Aikura juggles between electronic arrangements, acoustic guitar, a drum pad, loops and her synthesizers. We go through the different songs and emotions with her, as she makes the audience participate, in an authentic and benevolent way.

The French music magazine Télérama summarizes it in February 2023: "A record where she lays, in English, French and German, her (beautiful) voice on a low tempo electro-pop, rich in shivering atmosphere and very current texts."

Since March 2022, the artist has released two singles and an EP. With this visibility, she performed on several German festivals (Kulturelle Landpartie, Hamburg Food Festival, ConNext Festival ...), but also on two Parisian dates: at Pan Piper and Pop Up du Label with Chateau Forte and Alice Animal.

Coco Aikura is accompanied by the French publishing house Musigamy and the German press agency Factory 92.

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